Shared factory for knitwear is launched

The startup Ito Ito is launching the beta version of its shared Factroy. The company, which was awarded the Founding Prize for Digital Innovations, announced last week that after two years of development, the beta version of the Software-as-a-Service platform is available.

With the Shared Factory, knitting collections are digitized and produced ‘on demand’. Fashion labels and designers share the production capacities of the knitting mills and can therefore produce knitted collections without their own investments in development and sampling and without storage or additional costs. Selected brands can already use the now published demo version of the platform.

In the digitized shared factory, the labels have direct access to the network’s knitting machines and can therefore control the individual production steps from planning to sampling to delivery times and can also produce small production quantities. The collection is designed online via the Shared Factory user interface and is then saved as a knitting program and can then be accessed upon request.

“Every garment produced in Ito Ito’s shared factory is made individually as a one-off item for each of your customers. “You only produce what your customers actually want: transparently, quickly, responsibly and without waste,” it says on the startup’s website.

The Shared Factory’s embroideries are located in Germany and work with Merino wool that is certified with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). The completely digitalized supply chain makes the individual steps of production transparent and data about delivery routes, cost structure and resource consumption is published.

The shared factory is scheduled to open regularly at the beginning of next year.