Shannen Doherty is already planning her funeral and “guest list”

“Charmed” actress Shannen Doherty announced last year that her cancer had spread and metastasized to the brain. The cancer is now in stage 4 – the final stage.

On Instagram and her podcast “Let’s Be ClearThe 52-year-old repeatedly talks about her fate and how to deal with it. On January 15, she told her best friend, Chris Cortazzo, what would happen to her remains and how she envisioned their burial. The two of them approach the topic very casually.

“It’s such a sick conversation, but it’s also really fun.”

According to the actress, Cortazzo and Doherty have a “lifelong friendship full of love, laughter and even a few shouting matches.”

This 30-year friendship is also the reason why both of them can even laugh during this difficult conversation when it came to funeral lists and estate planning.

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“It’s such a morbid conversation, but it’s also really fun,” she says, and then goes into detail about how she wants to be cremated. She then replies to Cortezzo: “I want my remains to be mixed with those of my dog ​​and my father.”

“I want my funeral to be a love celebration”

Doherty imagined her funeral service to be smaller and says that she would prefer it if not so many people came. The list of people who are not wanted at her funeral is now “far too long”. Doherty continued that some people would come to her funeral just to make themselves look bad. These people “don’t really like them” and that the “reasons for them showing up aren’t necessarily the best reasons.”

Then she jokes, “I actually like myself enough to show up to my funeral.” To take this pressure off of you, she wanted to make it clear to them beforehand that they didn’t have to come, hence the long list. “I want my funeral to be a lovefest, not people crying or saying, ‘Thank God that bitch is dead now’.”