Shakira is still in great shape: She published a series of photos that speak volumes

The Colombian singer showed off her lithe body on social media.

Singer Shakira, 46, surprised her social media followers and published a new series of photos on her Instagram account. Shakira’s flexibility is startling, as the singer can bend both legs behind her neck.

If the series of images is not visible, you can view it from here.

– Guess what song this pose is from? Shakira writes in the caption.

Many Instagram users have wondered about the flexibility of the woman in the comment thread.

– I’m sure Piqué got a little paralyzed when he saw the first picture, the comments state, referring to Shakira’s ex-spouse.

– What keeps your spine straight? We wonder on Instagram.

Shakira posed on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival last year. PDO

Stormy years

The singer’s love life has been in the headlines lately. Marriage football star Gerard Piqué with ended a year ago in the summer. Shortly after the breakup, the football player openly flirted with his young girlfriend.

In November, the ex-married couple settled their custody dispute and commented briefly on the situation.

– We have signed a custody agreement. Our only goal is that we can offer our children a safe growing environment. We hope they could continue their lives in a peaceful environment, the ex-couple told TMZ.

Shakira and Piqué ended in a bitter split last year. PDO

Shakira has taken the joy out of her single days, because her seen celebrating into the wee hours in Hollywood in August. The singer was dressed in a white outfit consisting of white cargo pants and a bandeau top.

Rumors of romance have also swirled around the star. Us Weekly reported that the singer had been caught in the eye by an NBA star to Jimmy Butler.

– Jimmy makes Shakira smile and Shakira really enjoys getting to know Jimmy more deeply, an insider commented to the magazine.