Shakira is accused of new tax fraud

Shakira’s tax mess is getting bigger.

Shakira’s tax troubles have been in the headlines for years. PDO

In July, the Spanish authorities started a new tax investigation related to Shakira. According to the new indictment, Shakira would have failed to pay taxes on around 6.7 million euros in 2018.

Shakira is suspected of using tax haven companies in this case as well.

Shakira is already accused of previous tax fraud. The singer is currently awaiting trial, because the Spanish state is stealing no less than 14.5 million euros in tax money from Shakira between 2012 and 2014. Shakira faces eight years in prison or a fine of 24 million euros.

According to the prosecutor’s information, he lived in the northern part of Spain in Catalonia at the time, but kept his books in the Bahamas, known for low taxation.

Shakira moved to Miami this year.

Source: People

Shakira posed together with her children.