Shakira is a fury: she learned what the friends of Piqué’s girlfriend call her

The rage of the Colombian pop star

Between Shakira, Piqué and the new girlfriend Clara Chia there is always some tension. A few days ago the Spanish media had reported how the children of the Colombian pop star were used to calling their father’s girlfriend with the label of “father’s employee”. An appellation that certainly cannot be appreciated by Clara Chia.

According to information from La Razón, Shakira would have been returned tit for tat. The Colombian singer would in fact have gone on a rampage after discovering that Clara Chía’s group of friends refer to her in public with nicknames such as “witch” or “old woman in menopause”. Her anger at her was such as to prompt her to tell her ex that she is not willing to tolerate such disrespect and that, if these comments do not cease, she will be forced to take action against the friends of her current girlfriend.