Shakira defies gravity with her elasticity show and Bizarrap surprises with a great reaction

09/10/2023 at 7:14 p.m.


The Argentine’s comment has caused a lot of laughter on the networks

Shakira, the queen of Latin pop, continues to surprise her followers with her wit and skills, proving that her versatility has no limits. In her latest post on her Instagram, The artist launched a challenge that tested her fans’ memory and knowledge of her extensive musical repertoire.. Shakira’s extremely elastic poses triggered an avalanche of responses and admiration for her unwavering talent.

The mystery behind the poses was quickly solved, as Fans identified the images as part of the iconic choreography of “La loba”, one of the singer’s most recognized hits.. The choice of these poses, which are reminiscent of the movements in the song’s video clip, contributed to the easy identification of the subject.

However, the most accurate comment came from the producer Argentinian Bizarrapwho, with characteristic wit, referenced the song’s lyrics by asking, “A wolf in the closet?”. This comment not only showed her knowledge of the song but also played on Shakira’s contortionism, which seems to be able to fit into any space, even a closet.

The interaction between Shakira and her followers on social media demonstrates her unique connection to her audience and her ability to stay relevant and engage her fans throughout the years. Her legacy as one of the most influential and charismatic artists in Latin music lives on.