Sexting meaning, how to do it, consequences

Stexting is a term born from the crasis of sex, sex, and texting, i.e. i digital messages that pass through social media. They can be written but also provide thesending hot photos. What characterizes them is a explicit language, ranging from eroticism to the limit of pornography. What are the pros and cons of this practice? We asked the Doctor Marinella CozzolinoPsychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist and creator of Dimmy.itthe online psychologist 7 days a week.

Sexting in the couple

“Share explicit messages or images within one established couple has the goal of implement the imaginary and grow it erotic tension between partners. You can share hot photos and videos external to the couple or personal images. You can choose to send the other snaps taken from moments of your own daily routinesuch as, for example, changing clothes, taking a shower, putting on or taking off shoes or socks, unhooking your bra or choosing a boxer, spreading a body cream or immersing yourself in the tub for a hot bath”, explains Dr. Cozzolino.

Two, three, many

«It is a practice also used in one “first time” couple, in the courtship phase, therefore not yet formed but which is born from this sharing. Often protagonists of photos and messages it’s not just the two partners but also a third person or another couple. It is also practiced between perfect strangers who share this erotic stimulation despite having no relation to each other. Exist groups, chats, blogs and more or less ad hoc social situations», continues the expert.

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Soft or hard?

«Like all less conventional behavior there are two levels: soft and hard. Soft sexual behavior helps improve complicity of couple. If I send a spicy text or image to my partner, I’m increasing level of intimacy, stimulating the imaginationputting some pepper. When instead does not require the consent of one of the two is hard. An example is an adult man or woman who sends nude images to a 13-year-old boy or girl. This sure goes beyond healthy behavior. It becomes a behavior abuser. It also happens to adults to find themselves among the messages naked and raw images sent without consent and without the will to participate in any game. That it is a form of abuse», underlines Dr. Cozzolino.

Good and evil

“If in a couple, or anyway between consenting adultssexting is mvery unifyingcreates a nice bond and it is useful for the relationship even if the tone is raised, it can be the other way around very dangerous if it concerns young people. Behind the messages from everyone the social channelsas Tiktok and Instagramcan hide a fake profile. For example, the profile of a young girl can hide a sixty-year-old man who tries to groom teenagers with inappropriate images and texts», warns the expert.

A piece of advice for the younger ones

«There are many episodes in which the girls, trusting, have sent to boyfriend intimate photos which he then made public, as if they were a trophy to show off. To warn young people about possible risks, it is necessary to continue to also work hard in schools. A suggestion, trivial if we like, that I give to young girls is: “If you really feel like it, maybe because you like your body, always make sure you not be recognizableso that it cannot be traced back to you”, therefore never show your face. Of course it also applies to adults, but I worry especially for minors», concludes Dr. Cozzolino.