Seven souls, tonight on TV8 the heartbreaking film with Will Smith fresh from the Oscar

Will Smith finally won the Oscar for the father-coach’s portrayal of Venus and Serena Williams in A winning family – King Richard.

Tonight, if you want to see the actor and friend of Gabriele Muccino, do not miss the poignant Seven soulsbroadcast on TV8 at 21.20.

A trip of a man devastated by pain and guilt who tries to tame by giving himself to others. Muccino in the second film made in the USA after The pursuit of happiness, always with Will Smithraises the stakes and hits the viewer straight to the heart in a disruptive way.

Seven souls: the plot

Tim Thomas (Will Smith) is an aerospace engineer who one day provokes due to a trivial distraction a tragic car accident where seven people lose their lives, including his wife. His life takes an unexpected backlash and the only way she has to lessen the guilt and pain is to save the lives of as many people. Thus began the search for the seven souls to be saved.

First of all he gives his brother Ben a lung, then it’s up to the social worker Holly to whom Tim donates a part of the liver, to the hockey coach George, to the young man Nicholas it’s at Conniea woman mistreated by her boyfriend.

The mechanism of the redemption plan put in place crashes when Tim meets Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson), a heart disease for which she begins to try a deep feeling. The protagonist is at a crossroads: giving himself toonce again to help others live or learn to live your own life?

will smith Oscar seven souls

Gabriele Muccino, Rosario Dawson and Will Smith at the Roman presentation of the film. (Ipa)

Will Smith’s Oscar nominations

Before receiving the coveted statuette in these hours Will Smith had two nominations in his pocket. The first in 2001 for the film Mohammed Aliin which he played the famous boxer, the second with the first American film by Gabriele Muccino The pursuit of happiness (2006), a social drama in which the actor of Independence Day plays millionaire Chris Gardner, then forced to live in poverty with his son.

will smith oscar seven anime film

Will Smith with Osca.r figurine (Photo Getty Images)

Seven souls: second American film by Gabriele Muccino together with Will Smith

The meeting between our director and Will Smith was fatal. Two years later The pursuit of happiness the intense has arrived Seven souls which, however, did not have the same success as the previous film: he cashed in half and the American press was not at all kindespecially with the house actor.

seven souls will smith oscar film

Will Smith and Rosario Dowson in “Seven Souls”

Muccino was unable to give the Italic slap as happened for his first made in USA title. Hollywood producers overpowered the director de’s personality The last Kiss. Pity.

However to the vision of Seven souls do not remain impassive, the issue addressed it hits straight to the spectator’s heart, even the hardest and most insensitive. In Tim’s inner journey, the good given to others and love are the most effective defense weapons against the chasms of pain.