The fourth day of Serie C ends with the neroverdi first with one point behind thanks to the victory over Sangiuliano. The Bianconeri Next Gen finds their second consecutive defeat

    Of what, before the fourth day, was the leading trio, only Pordenone wins, taking the solitary record at 10: in the unprecedented challenge with Sangiuliano (played in Seregno), the team of Mimmo Di Carlo – in the stands for disqualification – passes of measure thanks to the goal of Pinato entered from the bench in the second half.

    Second and third

    One point behind the neroverdi are now Padova and Feralpisalò. At Euganeo, where the effects of the Caneo treatment begin to be seen, there is no story: Padova-Pro Patria ends 3-0. Decisive the brace of the former Campobasso Liguori and the trio of Vasic, with in the middle also a penalty saved by Del Favero in Dezi. Instead, it is a magical free-kick by Davide Di Molfetta to sign the 1-0 of Feralpisalò over Pergolettese.

    Newly promoted to the rescue

    At the foot of the podium, two newly promoted: the surprising Arzignano who knocks down Piacenza last in the class (3-0, double from Paris and then Barba, the Emilian coach Scalise apologized to the fans for the bad performance) and Novara, stopped on 0-0 to Piola from Virtus Verona.

    Juve ko

    Only one point for Vicenza: in Zanica’s insidious away match, AlbinoLeffe’s field, the red and white go under from the spot thanks to Manconi and then find the draw for the definitive 1-1 with Dalmonte (launched by Stoppa). On par with the red and white, at 7 points, there is Renate who trims the second consecutive knockout to Juventus Next Gen (3-2): in Meda the game seems to be closed at 3-0 (own goal by Cudrig, Marano and Malotti) but the young bianconeri – despite the long numerical inferiority due to the expulsion of Stramaccioni – go back thanks to the penalty of Rafia and Sekulov, with the goalkeeper Drago good at locking the same in the final.

    Mantua in recovery

    Triestina still without victories, which in fact must reassemble Pro Vercelli (1-1) in a heated final: guests ahead with Della Morte, equal in head of Matteo Di Gennaro. Mantua gets up after three defeats, which overcomes Trento at home (2-1): Mensah scores his second goal of the season and dedicates it to the unfortunate teammate Monachello (crusader ko), equal guest of Bocalon and new overtaking from the penalty spot by De Francis. Lecco slips into the house, thanks to a Pro Sesto that passes (2-0) thanks to the header of Suagher and Gabriel Bianco.