Serie B, first day: victories for Sampdoria and Cosenza, equal between Cremonese and Catanzaro

The blucerchiati championship opens with a success in Terni. The Calabrians overwhelm the Marches after a crazy first half, equal to clean sheets between Cremonese and Catanzaro

Oscar Maresca

After a goalless Bari-Palermo but full of twists and turns, the first day of Serie B continues. For Ascoli it is a nightmarish evening: Viali’s men remedy three reds in just over ten minutes and close the first half of the challenge with Cosenza even in eight. It had never happened in the history of the championship. Tutino scores the lead from a penalty in the 19th minute, Arioli doubles his lead in the second half, the third goal is by Zilli: it’s a one-way match. It doesn’t go beyond the 0-0 between Cremonese and Catanzaro: Vandeputte and Iemmello waste, Afena-Gyan hits the woodwork. Good first for Pirlo, his Sampdoria beat Ternana away: La Gumina on the spot unlocks, then the doubling of Depaoli. Di Stefano’s goal in the final is not enough for Lucarelli’s team. All the others on the pitch tomorrow. At 18 Sudtirol-Spezia, at 20.30 Venice-Como, Parma-Feralpisalò and Cittadella-Reggiana close.

Ternana-Sampdoria 1-2

The blucerchiati immediately unlock the match. Celli lands Depaoli, La Gumina goes from eleven meters and signs the advantage for Pirlo’s team. The visitors pick up the pace, meanwhile Falletti tries from afar in the 17th minute but the shot is high. On 30′ again La Gumina coordinates well and shoots, saved by Iannarilli. Ternana almost took the lead a few minutes later with Damian, two shots from inside the area, Ferrari however opposes and the result doesn’t change. In the second half Raimondo replaced Ferrante and tries to worry the opposing goalkeeper, nothing done: he is offside. Many duels in the middle of the field, few important chances. But Sampdoria manages to double in the 77th minute with Depaoli good at getting into Askildsen’s pass and dribbling past everyone, even Iannarilli. The exultation is a long hug with Pirlo. The blucerchiati almost made it three-of-a-kind, Pedrola hit the post in the 85th minute. Ternana shortens the recovery with Di Stefano, but that’s not enough. Sampdoria wins.

Cosenza-Ascoli 3-0

It is the Caserta team that plays the game. In the 15th minute Calò shoots hard from the edge of the area and asks for a hand touch. The referee goes to the Var and assigns the penalty, Tutino goes to the spot and makes no mistake: advantage for the hosts in the 19th minute. Ascoli fails to react, the nightmare begins in the 36th minute. Falasco gets double yellow for having spread his arm on Tutino’s counterattack, he’s red. The unbelievable happens in just over ten minutes. Adjapong slips and restarts D’Urso in midfield, Buchel intervenes in a slide: for the referee it is expulsion. The guests remain in nine and lose their temper. During the recovery, Forte elbowed an opponent from far away. The referee reviews the action in the Var and draws the red light for the attacker. Ascoli closes the first half in eight. At the opening of the second half, Tutino is not very precise and sends out a good shot. Ascoli’s seven outfield players close behind, but are unable to avoid Arioli’s doubling. The third goal is by Zilli, the fastest on the tap-in in the area in the 62nd minute. Only Cosenza plays, Caserta makes the men turn. In the 73rd minute Tutino even hit the crossbar from Martino’s cross. Then the Calabrians manage the result and close the match on 3-0.

Cremona-Catanzaro 0-0

The guests leave very strong. In the 5th minute Vandeputte arrives in front of Sarr, touches with his left foot but Quagliata saves on the line. Vivarini’s men play better, they run a lot and create dangers. The hosts’ first shot came from Afena-Gyan’s feet in the 30th minute, off target. Ten minutes later, Iemmello wastes an excellent opportunity and concludes slowly: the goalkeeper blocks. On the restart of the Grigiorossi, Afena-Gyan hits the post from inside the area. In the second half Ballardini’s team tries to react, in the 61st minute Tsadjout falls in the area: the referee whistles for a penalty but then revokes it after seeing the action at the Var. Few chances in the following minutes, Vazquez tries on developments in the final by a corner, the Giallorossi defense saves everything. Ends without goals.