Serie A Noir: Coco, her, the other one and the knife

The former AC Milan and Inter player on holiday in Sardinia, the meeting with a PR in the disco and the jealousy of another conquest that risks turning the evening into a tragedy

Technically the plot we are going to describe can be defined as a double marking. To man, obviously. No tackle (maybe), but a blunt weapon yes. A knife, as in the most predictable of horror films. First spoiler: luckily that knife wasn’t used. History? Always the same: him, her, the other. It happened in Porto Cervo, the summer of 2007. He was Francesco Coco, she was a poster girl of the Billionaire, Flavio Briatore’s place where the seaside vippers met and chatted, and the other was a friend , certainly about him, not exactly about her. The trigger? Jealousy.