Serena Williams’ baby room comes from Brabant: ‘Completely speechless’

1/2 Adira’s baby bed, insert Serena Williams (Image: Youtube/Serena Williams).

The nursery of former top tennis player Serena Williams comes from Brabant. She recently gave birth to her second child. Her brand new daughter Adira can sleep in a bed designed by Angel and Jessica from Waalre. And she bought it herself in the shopping street in Den Bosch. “This is very unreal,” Angel says proudly.

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The famous top tennis player was in Rosmalen last June for the Libéma Open. She sat there in the stands cheering on her sister Venus. That didn’t help: she already flew out in the first round. Yet there was another success a little further in Den Bosch: a baby room was scored.

“No one recognized her.”

Serena and her family entered a children’s store in the center of Den Bosch. “No one recognized her,” laughs owner Sandra van Schaijik of Poppedoll. “We just explained to her. She was impressed by the baby room on the top floor. She only had a short time on that Tuesday, June 13,” says Sandra, who will never forget the date.

“That baby bed was breathtaking,” Williams herself writes about her shopping experience in Den Bosch. She sent a message via Instagram to designer Angel, who supplies the clothing to the store. Serena desperately wanted a different color: burgundy. “I couldn’t believe it. I had to recover for a while, but it really was her!”

A day later she came back to the store. “We had a good laugh about it,” Sandra continues. “We are very proud.” Angel adds: “We were very nervous! It’s a huge honor that she wanted to come back to the store. She’s so humble!”

“With that big belly you can’t do that!”

“She asked if there was a manual with the cot,” Angel laughs. “I think she wanted to put it together herself. That is not possible with that big belly!”, she says. “That’s why we went to Florida ourselves to install it. She was completely speechless.”

“Serena also spent 25 minutes placing it. It almost made me emotional. It was really perfect,” says Angel, who did not think it was a punishment to go to Florida. “We immediately posted it for a few days. I hadn’t gone on holiday for years.”

On YouTube, Serena shows off her brand new nursery. “They only had six weeks to make it.” The bed arrived right on time. “I gave birth to Adira literally the next day,” the tennis star proudly writes.

Serena proudly shows the nursery:

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