Separation statement from Volkan Demirel! There were nights I didn’t sleep

Volkan Demirel, who signaled that he could resign after the Beşiktaş match, continues his duty. Atakaş Hatayspor coach talked to NTV about his career, goals and the process he spent in the earthquake zone.

Demirel said, “I want to be very successful because it is not an easy process, I have thought a lot about the process since the earthquake. There were nights when I did not sleep.” said. “I felt tired after the last match and I expressed this openly,” said Demirel, adding, “I may have thought that this would be better for both me and Hatayspor, with my current psychology and mindset after the match.” he said.


Volkan Demirel said, “The number of players I brought is 18 this year. Everyone came believing in me, I put myself in their place and said that so many people came to you trusting you, you cannot leave them. My father is from Artvin, my mother is from Rize, but a part of me is from Hatay, and it will always remain so.” said.