Senior party Alkmaar wants to tackle nuisance at the Daalmeer skate park after ‘intimidation’

SeniorenPartij Alkmaar asks the council to tackle the nuisance around the skating rink in Daalmeer. According to the group, local residents have been intimidated, threatened and abused. Drug dealers are also said to regularly hang out there. “This has a huge impact on the neighborhood and the feeling of insecurity is great.”

“It turns out that several reports have been made by victims, that there has even been a conviction, but that the nuisance still continues,” said SPA faction leader Sasja Spek about the complaints about the skating rink on the Klaas Bootpad. She asks the council from B&W what is being done specifically to improve safety, media partner reports Alkmaar Central.

According to Spek, the design and insufficient maintenance do not make the situation any better. “It is noticeable that the area around the skating rink is dirty, no trash can, no water tap, no public toilet, no camera surveillance, no open space,” she explains.

“The greenery is also not pruned properly, so there is no good view of this place. There are no benches for parents to sit on to supervise.”

Surveillance and frisking

To combat nuisance from loitering youth and drug dealers, Spek has made a number of suggestions from the coalition program: additional (camera) surveillance and preventive searches. “Is this possible to achieve in the short term? So that parents, young people and grandparents can go outside again without fearing the above intimidation and threats?”