Senator Geisel survives motion of censure in Parliament

Building Senator Andreas Geisel (56, SPD) wants to promote the construction of 5,000 new apartments every year, but only manages a fraction

Urban Development Senator Andreas Geisel (56, SPD) Photo: Ralf Gunther

From BZ/dpa

Berlin’s urban development senator Andreas Geisel has survived a motion for disapproval in the Berlin House of Representatives. In a secret ballot on Thursday in Parliament, 124 MPs voted against a corresponding motion by the AfD, 12 voted in favor, there were no abstentions.

The AfD attributes Geisel to joint responsibility for the election mishaps a year ago. At that time he was a senator in charge of the interior administration responsible for elections.

In the application, the parliamentary group demanded that Geisel be distrusted and that he be dismissed.

The opposition CDU also submitted a motion to parliament calling for Geisel’s dismissal. This should be voted on in the afternoon.


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