‘Seems like the budget ran out’

The drama series about the life of Patty Brard receives heavy criticism from RTL Boulevard. According to Rob Goossens, it seems as if the budget ran out at some point. “Looks awful!”


Patty Brard has her own drama series and no one can have missed that: the (social) media has been full of it in recent days. But what is that Videoland series actually like? Is it something or is it a bit disappointing? Rob Goossens is remarkably critical at the desk RTL Boulevard; he is disappointed in the quality.

Fatty suit

There are two actresses who play Patty in the series: the young version is played by Holly Mae Brood, the old version by Eva van de Wijdeven. The latter looks like a kind of TV Canteen version of the TV diva because of the fat suit she wears. “I had to turn it off for a while, I must admit,” says Rob.

Rob’s expectations were very different. “We have already received the photos of the actors in recent months and I had prepared myself for a big, fat over-the-top comedy, but it started quite heavily and it was so different than I expected that I had to reset and had to look with the right eyes.”

Running out of budget?

Colleague Bridget Maasland understands what Rob means. “It had a bit of a TV Canteen feel to it, while when Holly Mae Brood plays her like she used to, the series is beautiful and it looks very nice.”

Rob: “Yes, the only thing I’m a bit confused about is that there is such a big contrast between the older and newer images. It seems that they invested so much budget in the older images that it was then used up and they had to borrow a fat suit from Austin Powers for Eva van de Wijdeven. It just doesn’t look right and it’s distracting.”

‘So bad’

Media journalist Jarco Kriek also thinks it is quite rubbish. “Last night I was able to watch Patty on Videoland for half an hour. I think the real Patty Brard is a great woman who can break a lot of pots with me. But this series? So bad. Too bad, this woman deserves better,” he writes X.

AD reviewer Peter van Brummelen presents the series about Patty only three out of five stars. He is moderately positive: “As a viewer you have to get used to the atmosphere (which is much more subdued than you would expect in a series about noise parrot Brard), but you quickly go along with it.”

Big blunder

However, according to Peter, there is a major blunder in the series. When Patty came to the Netherlands in the 1960s, she was immediately a big fan of the Golden Earring. “When she stands in line as a girl in the series for a concert of the group – we are still in the sixties – the song Twilight Zone is heard from the audience.”

Very sloppy, he thinks. “The Earring only released that song in 1982. Ant fucking, just what you say, but wouldn’t it have been very easy for the creator to google something like that?”