After two and a half years it was finally time again: Seeed performed again in the capital. It was time for “Mama Berlin Bricks and Gasoline”, as they sing “Dickes B” in their declaration of love. They presented the band’s hits and Peter Fox classics in front of 17,000 visitors in the Parkbühne Wuhlheide.

    The musicians will play a concert on site every day until August 14th. In September they can then be seen three times in the Waldbühne.

    Fans had to wait a long time for Seeed to show up. That annoyed a lot of people.


    The greatest hits should not be missing. “Big B” from the 2001 album NEW DUBBY CONQUERORS

    “Always Bei Dir” from the 2019 album BAM BAM

    Songs like “Schwinger” ensure a good mood.


    1. ticket
    2. let go
    3. Wonderful Life
    4. leave the light on
    5. eye bling
    6. Molotov
    7. swinger
    8. come to my house
    9. Love & Courvoisier
    10. G€LD
    11. waiting
    12. water pump
    13. Dancehall Caballeros
    14. She is loaded
    15. You & I
    16. black to blue
    17. Shake your bacon
    18. Same Jam
    19. Miss Understanding / Everything new
    20. MusicMonks
    21. thing
    22. Seeed’s house


    1. Always with you
    2. Big B
    3. get up!