Actress Seda Tosun, who became famous with Mahsun Kırmızıgül’s movie “Miracle”, joined her life with Taner Ataş, whom she had been with for a while. The couple said ‘We got married!’ downgrade.

    Actress Seda Tosun married musician Eymen Adal in 2018. The couple decided to separate before completing the second year of their marriage and had an eventful divorce process.


    The famous actress said, “I made the decision to leave. I want it to end as soon as possible. The litigation process seems to be contentious, but I hope we can get along. I don’t want to meet with him outside the court. It will be better that way.”

    The couple divorced in September of last year. Stating that they broke up because they could not get along, Seda Tosun stated that she focused on her career after her divorce.

    The actor said, “Many scenarios are coming. I am in a process where I live the spring in my job. I never get tired of working” and gave the good news of new projects.


    Seda Tosun got married for the second time. Tosun married social media phenomenon Taner Ataş. The couple said ‘We got married!’ downgrade.

    On the other hand, Seda Tosun, who played Mızgin, the wife of the Deli Aziz character in the movie ‘Miracle’, also came to the fore with her love affairs with Mehmet Ali Erbil and Cenk Kangöz.