Sebastian Aho’s trick made the opponents furious – “You should pay for your actions”

Sebastian Aho tackled Adam Fox to the sick man.

Sebastian Aho executed the opponent. AOP / USA TODAY SPORTS

Sebastian Aho was targeted by the opponent when the Carolina Hurricanes he represented played against the New York Rangers. Carolina lost 1–2.

Aho got the wrath of Rangers on his neck when he tackled the star defender Adam Fox on the knee. Fox tried to slip away from under the Finnish tackle, but the duo’s legs collided.

Fox was injured and could no longer continue the match. He held his knee on the surface of the ice. Aho was not punished.

You can look at the situation from this link.

Later in the match, Rangers’ Alexis Lafreniere tried to challenge Aho to a fight. The Hurricanes star was not enthusiastic about the idea, and soon teammate Andrei Svetshnikov came to evict Lafreniere from his path.

Supplier John Giannone reports after this, between the substitution benches, that Lafreniere had shouted at the Hurricanes bench and accused Aho of dirty play.

– You attacked our best player. It was a dirty trick, Giannone said Lafreniere yelled.

Also a Rangers defender Jacob Trouba grilled Aho after the game.

– I have to fight every time I do something like that, so he should probably pay for his actions too. I guess he didn’t feel that way, Trouba told Sportsnet New York.