Search for ancestors: ‘Was he the black sheep of the family?’

After extensive family research, Age Bakker has acquired a good impression of Cornelis: “He was perhaps a bit of a simple soul, a bit simple. Blushing, with curls. That’s how I picture him.” Cornelis Bakker died on January 12, 1873 in Lemmer at the age of 65. His wife died the same year, not much later.

Age Bakker, Mirjam Leloux and Theo Zelders are three of the thousands of researchers who went looking for their family and discovered that their ancestors were in the Society of Benevolence. They found out who they were, what they did and why they ended up there. In the new podcast series Poor family, rich history of the Drents Archief and RTV Drenthe, the listener is taken into their research.

Every episode of Poor family, rich history also has an afterthought, the so-called B-part. In these extra episodes, writer Wil Schackmann explains the episode. He knows everything about the Society of Benevolence and helped hundreds of researchers in the search for their ancestors. He also gives tips for people who want to start a family investigation in the Society of Benevolence.

Listen to the podcast below: