Scottish Highlander drowned after attack by stray dog

A Scottish highlander drowned in the Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam on Saturday morning after an attack by a stray dog.

The cow dived into the cold water, but was also attacked by the dog. After the cow went under, it never surfaced again. “The owner of the dog reported the incident to us at the forest store and will be held liable,” a spokesperson for the Forestry Department in the Amsterdamse Bos told local broadcaster AT5.

Around 9:30 am a runner sees the stray Saint Bernard chasing the cow. “After a few minutes of running and fighting, the cow was so scared and jumped into the Nieuwe Meer,” the runner told AT5. The dog continued the attack in the water and continued to attack the cow’s back and head. After the highlander has been chased so far from the shore by the dog, the cow drowns and never surfaces again.

The Amsterdamse Bos forestry department confirmed the event to AT5. According to a forest ranger, this is not the first incident. “We of course see everything that goes wrong in the forest and this is yet another thing that is happening and is simply not okay. That is why we really want to make this public now.”