Schwazer at Big Brother: the 11th week of training

The analysis of the walker’s last days of work in the House: “After a difficult moment, Alex has picked up the pace”

Giorgio Rondelli

Difficult to find a common point in the last week of Alex Schwazer inside the House of Big Brother. The marcher, after a difficult moment related to Wada’s failure to reduce the disqualification, he slowly started training again. And, in the last few days, he has returned to his levels.

reduced loads

In the early days of last week Alex had reduced the overall load of double daily work sessions by about a thirdwhile maintaining high quality. Everything changed after the rest day on Friday. Pause for physical recovery, but evidently for important reflections on how to proceed in the short term. Either through legal means, with a any appeal to be presented by December 6thboth in terms of athletic preparation.

and more intense work

So, quite surprisingly, over the last weekend we saw a Alex is even more psychologically charged than before, in tackling training. With the declared aim of improving the Italian record of 20 km walking. Olympics or no Olympics. Let’s see in detail the substantial differences in the daily programs.

to x-rays

Meanwhile, it should immediately be underlined that in the first four days of last week, Alex had never worked more than 2 and a half hours. Above all, he had favored the training sessions of fartlek on the treadmill, reaching 3’05”-3’10” per km in the fast variations, with a very brilliant recovery of 4’15” per km. In addition to the maximum intensity peaks on the elliptical bike, at 175 beats per minute. Between Saturday and Sunday Schwazer trained first for 3 hours and 5′ and then for 2 hours and 45′, combining quality and quantity. Both in the two morning fartleks, in which he got to march for a few minutes up to 3’40” per kmalways with quick breaks of 4’15” per km. Both in the maximum minutes afternoon on the elliptical, where she hit a heart rate of 182 beats per minute. An intensity never achieved in previous training sessions in the House. Meanwhile, today Alex begins his 12th week on Big Brother.