Alfred Schreuder showed himself realistic after the 2-1 loss against Liverpool. Although the winning goal came late, he acknowledged that the loss was not undeserved. “I think Liverpool were the better today. That’s clear and that’s no shame.”

    Goalkeeper Remko Pasveer also saw that Liverpool was stronger. “This is instructive for us as a team. If you see how from the start we don’t play football at a high pace from backwards and get into trouble, then I think that is a point that we have to take into account.”

    Schreuder also saw enough good things Tuesday evening at Anfield and even had hope for the win. “Twenty minutes before the end I had the feeling that we got more grip and more switching options. That led to a great opportunity for Daley Bland. That he then falls out of a standard situation at the end is sour.”


    Pasveer played a great game himself, but explains after the game that he is mainly disappointed. “You wanted to get a point or win. If we leave with a point, I’m like: OK, it was useful. But it wasn’t allowed to be, so you go back with frustration.”