Scandal in Russia – This is how Roman Rotenberg commented on the judges’ scandalous decision

SKA’s winning streak continues with the help of the judges.

Roman Rotenberg did not see anything suspicious in the refereeing. PDO

St. Petersburg’s SKA is on a six-game winning streak in the KHL.

However, the streak could have been broken after just four games, if the referees had not for some reason rejected Lokomotiv’s 2-2 equalizer last Saturday.

Sovereignly dominating the match, Lokomotiv tied the game right at the end of the match when Pavel Kraskovsky dug a 100-0 start win, and Rushan Rafikov shot the puck into the goal.

Almost 7,500 spectators at Arena-2000 jumped to their feet when the home team celebrated the equalizer.

The referee then raised his hand and disallowed the goal.

If the rejected goal is not visible on your device, you can view it from here.

According to the referee, Kraskovski had won the start illegally. But when the start was restarted and the man dug the puck for himself with exactly the same technique, the game was allowed to continue for some reason. However, this time Lokomotiv did not score.

From Lokomotiv’s head coach From Igor Nikitin asked after the match what the referees said to him after the disallowed goal. On what basis was the start renewed?

Nikitin’s answer was strange.

– Mistakes happen, we all make them, but there are situations where you can’t make a mistake. Two teams fought. This should be hockey, not the porn business, Nikitin stated.

SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg also commented on the case.

– What was controversial about that? The judge immediately raised his hand. The opponent did not notice it. There is nothing controversial about that. If the judge had not raised his hand, then the situation would have been controversial, Rotenberg stated.

According to the Russian media, what was controversial was that the referee’s hand only rose after the puck was in the goal. During the initiation, the man did not notice the mistake.

Lokomotiv won the shots in the third period by a crushing 19–0 and the entire game 51–12, but it was still scoreless due to a confusing referee decision.

SKA continued their winning streak on Monday when they defeated ZSKA 2–1. The St. Petersburg giant is now fifth and Lokomotiv fourth in the Western Conference.z

Source: Sport24

Igor Nikitin could not understand the jury’s decision. Stock photo. Juha Metso / AOP