Scandal at Makwan Amirkhani’s match night – Eternal ban on coaches

The Swedes snorted in an embarrassing way.

In the Czech freestyle promotion Oktagon, the lightweight tournament of one million euros started on Saturday in Ostrava. Also Makwan Amirkhani see you in it.

However, a scandal arose behind the scenes of the Octagon already on the day of the weigh-in, Friday.

representing Sweden Sahil Siraj and a British actor Akonne Wanliss already clashed before the match night. The two were close to starting a fight on Thursday, first at the airport. On Friday, emotions heated up at the weigh-in.

In the end, the match had to be canceled completely. “Thank you” for that belonged to Siraj’s team.

The saga culminated on Friday at a press conference held later in the afternoon. Oktagon reported that after the event, two coaches attacked Wanliss in the back room.

The video shows how Wanliss was approached by at least an Iranian-Swedish coach Reza Madadi. Madadi is a former top fighter who was seen seven times in the UFC cage.

He coaches at Stockholm-based Allstars Gym in Alicante, Spain.

Oktagon slapped both coaches with an eternal ban on their events.

According to Octagon, Wanliss was not fit to compete after the altercation, so the match had to be cancelled. The organization stressed that Siraj was not to blame for the incident.

The match is planned to be held later in the spring in Birmingham.

Amirkhani will face the Austrian on Saturday night by Mochamed Machaev.

Former UFC fighter Reza Maddadi (back center) was ejected from Octagon events. Jaakko Dahlbacka