Scalping Tutorial ? Short-Term Trading Explained ? Scalping Strategy for Beginners ? Tips

SCALPING or SCALPTRADING is very short-term trading on the stock exchange, often just seconds or minutes

It is important to “take along” even the smallest price movements, long or short, in rising or falling markets.

Scalping is the supreme discipline, as it is important to react at lightning speed and to pocket even the smallest profits and to keep possible losses as small as possible. Scalpers often trade five, ten or 50 times in a single day and are only satisfied with a profit of 5 or 25 euros per trade.

Day trader Jens Klatt first reports on scalping in theory and then shows scalping in the chart and a scalping strategy for beginners

? What is scalping
? What is needed for scalp trading
? Different scalping strategies
? Scalping example trade explained in the chart
? Scalping winning streak and example trades with profit and loss

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