Scaloni sees Messi “wanting to enjoy the World Cup”

11/15/2022 at 22:08


“These tournaments are won by cautious teams”, those who know “when to attack and when to defend”

“A team that overwhelms, that is constantly in the opposite field, rarely wins,” said the Argentina coach

The Argentine soccer coach, Lionel Scaloni, assured this Tuesday that the World Cups are won by “cautious teams”, those who know “when to attack and when to defend”.

“The World Cup is won by intelligent, cautious teams that know when to attack and when to defend. A team that overwhelms, that is constantly in the opposite field, rarely wins. Intelligence is part of football and we will have to adapt to find out what suits us,” Scaloni said at a press conference in the United Arab Emirates.

A game philosophy that the albiceleste coach will try to apply in the friendly match that the Argentine team will play this Wednesday with the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi.

“Until last night we didn’t have the full squad, we haven’t trained yet. During today’s practice we will define the team for tomorrow’s game, but we will not take any risksthose who play must have physical guarantees”, indicated Scaloni.

The Argentine coach referred, in this sense, to the list of 26 players with whom he will face the Qatar 2022 World Cup that will start next Sunday and from which midfielder Giovani Lo Celso, among others, was left out due to injury, and striker Ángel Correa, by technical decision.

“We made the list thinking about the best for the team. It is logical that, being the Argentine team, good players were left out,” said Scaloni.

Who will be on the list will be the Paris Saint-Germain player Lionel Messi whom the Argentine coach He sees “with the desire to enjoy the World Cup”.

“I see Messi as always, eager to enjoy the World Cup, to enjoy with his teammates, the training sessions, the stay,” explained the Argentine coach.

Lionel Scaloni, who will be the youngest coach of the World Cupassured that he can only promise “work” during the World Cup, since as he insisted football is “unpredictable and sometimes unfair.”

“Without promises of anything, because this is football and it is unpredictable. It is such a beautiful game, but so unfair at times, that it is not worth promising anything. This generation has maintained a way of playing and we will continue to have it, but then there is the rival and may luck be with you a little. When it’s over, we want to go home empty, knowing that we’ve left everything behind, whatever the outcome,” Scaloni said.

Nevertheless, the argentine coach did not hesitate to describe the possibility of directing the albiceleste team as a “dream” in the final phase of a World Cup.

“These are moments to enjoy them. We dream like every child who ever had his first Argentina shirt. I have mine saved. Of course it’s a dream,” Scaloni concluded.