Scalable Capital experiences: The market leader among robo advisors in the test

Scalable Capital: Costs for Investors

The advantage of digital asset management is above all the significantly lower costs that arise in contrast to classic asset management. Since the portfolio is automatically monitored and reallocated if necessary and there is no human behind it, providers such as Scalable Capital, OSKAR, Growney and Co. can save on service fees. With Scalable Capital, the costs are made up as follows:

0.575 percent pa service fee

0.175 percent pa securities trading Baader Bank

0.15 percent pa fund costs

Overall, customers pay 0.75 percent a year for Scalable Capital’s service and Baader Bank’s custody account fees. There are also ETF costs of 0.15 percent. This results in one annual fee of 0.90 percentwhich accrues proportionately to the investment amount.

Example: If you invest 50,000 euros with Scalable Capital, you pay a total of 450 euros per year including all fees.

Like most robo-advisors, Scalable Capital does not charge performance fees, entry fees, or fees for deposits and withdrawals. All You can find detailed information about costs and services on the website of the provider listed.