Scala files for bankruptcy, classes stop after this week

Scala has not been doing well for a long time. The extracurricular music, theatre, dance and culture lessons in Southwest Drenthe have been at risk for some time due to financial shortages. This is partly due to the decline in the number of students. Last season there were still about 2,000, now there are 500 less.

The goal was to finish the current school year and then stop completely. Another subsidy was received from the municipalities to get through the first three months of the year.

An evaluation would then follow to see if it would be possible to extend the subsidy until the summer. But the financial position deteriorated. As a result, the arts center cannot guarantee that the school year can still be completed. A reason for the five municipalities not to give the subsidy.

According to the board, seventeen people are employed and 50 teachers are affiliated with Scala, mainly on a self-employed basis. They have to look for another job. The news hit the teachers hard. “A gigantic blow, really for all employees at Scala,” says singing teacher Andrea Schuttevaer. “Everyone is very affected and especially surprised. I can’t quite grasp it yet.”

Schuttevaer has been working for the arts center on a self-employed basis for seven years. It hurts her that the school year comes to an early end. “Especially for the students and the teachers, of course. It’s a shame that an institute like Scala is closing down. Where will the children be taught later, I wonder.”

But it also has consequences for herself. “I perform about fifty percent of my work at Scala. So I lose a major source of income. The same applies to a number of other colleagues. The question remains how we will deal with that later. I hope that politicians will wants to think along with us to find a solution.”

The councils of all municipalities now want to look together at how they can fill in the extracurricular cultural offer in a different way. This is currently being investigated by Blue Yard, an external party. The results are expected in April or May.