‘SBS 6 thinks she is too boring for real-life soap’

Rachel Hazes is once again embarrassed: her eager attempt to get a real-life soap on the air on SBS 6 has failed. “It’s mainly a lot of Rachel and that may be a bit sparse.”

© SBS 6

You can hardly imagine it for someone who is so detested by the general public, but Rachel Hazes has really tried: selling her own real-life soap to SBS 6. The professional widow has opened some kind of eatery in a cheap Spanish seaside resort and had a camera crew make test shots.


SBS 6 says that this ‘ultimately did not lead to a programme’ and that, according to ratings authority Tina Nijkamp, ​​is a good decision. She previously warned about low viewing figures and now notes on her analysis channel: “Very sensible of SBS 6. This could not have been a ratings hit.”

Yvonne Coldeweijer points out that Rachel even started the argument with her daughter Roxeanne to sell out the soap. “Probably only brought a camera crew to court to intimidate Rox,” says the juice queen with today’s knowledge.


Private boss Evert Santegoeds thinks that the SBS 6 top fell asleep during the test recordings. “Oh, man, in the morning the shutter opens and then she comes along with those croquettes and coffee and in the evening the shutter closes again,” he sneers at the desk of Show news.

Colleague Sandra Schuurhof: “Do you mean that not enough is happening?”

Evert: “Yes.”

‘We still want to see?’

Dyantha Brooks had expected that SBS 6 would order the soap. “Don’t we all want to see what Rachel is really like? Is she really such a tough businesswoman?”

Bart Ettekoven: “The problem is – and a number of people have said this before – that a real-life soap has to involve more people.”

Evert: “Yes, and then it ends with her. Hahaha.”

‘Rachel is Rachel’

Only Rachel is just too boring, Bart thinks. “Yes, with Rachel it is Rachel. Point. Then you might have a nice, charismatic customer who comes there for coffee, but otherwise it is Rachel and that may not have turned out to be enough for a really fun real-life soap.”

Talpa does not want to say anything about the reason, but: “In any case, it will definitely not happen to us.”