Pull the plug at home

    The suitcases are packed, the flowers are watered and everything is ready for the journey. But with all the preparations for the long-awaited vacation, vacationers should not forget to prepare the electronic devices for the absence. Because if you unplug the fridge, television, etc., you not only protect them, you can also save money during the trip. Because even if the house or apartment is empty for days or weeks, most electrical appliances continue to use electricity without you noticing. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to pull the plug at home during all your preparations for the loveliest weeks of the year.

    The tips of the German Energy Agency

    The “Initiative EnergieEffizienz” of the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH gives tips on what consumers should consider when checking out before the start of the holiday and which electrical appliances should be disconnected from the grid during longer absences. The stand-by functions, which are actually so convenient, turn out to be energy guzzlers. In this mode, the device can be put into operation quickly if required, but this convenience puts a strain on the household budget if you are away for a long time. Older consumer electronics devices in particular, such as televisions, DVD players or hi-fi systems, have a comparatively high power consumption in stand-by mode and should be completely disconnected from the mains or switched off before departure. But PCs, printers, scanners and faxes in the home office can also be safely disconnected from the network on vacation to save electricity and money. Several devices, all of which are connected to a switchable socket strip, can be disconnected from the mains with just one click.

    A break for the fridge

    But other electrical devices can also turn out to be real power guzzlers on vacation. The Energy Efficiency Initiative recommends preparing the kitchen for when you are away and giving the fridge and freezer a break. Because the holiday is not only the perfect opportunity to have the devices defrosted, but also to switch them off during this period. Another power consumer that is often forgotten in many properties is the electric boiler. With smaller devices in the kitchen or the guest toilet, switching off is worthwhile even if you are away for a short time, while larger storage tanks should only be disconnected from the mains during longer vacation stays in order to save energy and money. Table or floor lamps with low-voltage halogen lamps should also be unplugged from the socket before you go on holiday, as in most cases the power pack is still being supplied with electricity.

    Read the instructions for use first

    However, before consumers simply pull the plug on all devices, they should first take a look at the instructions for use. This can tell holidaymakers whether they can safely disconnect the electrical devices from the mains or whether there are a few things to consider before switching off. For example, pre-programmed settings can be prevented from being lost.

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