In addition to being a successful businessman, Tatu Varpukari is an expert in several sports.

    Former Member of Parliament Satu Taiveaho, 46, said late on Sunday evening on Facebook that he was engaged Tatu Varpukarin50, with.

    Despite the engagement, Taiveaho is still officially married. On July 5, Taiveaho submitted a marriage application together with his spouse Ville Virtanen with. Taiveaho and Virtanen can apply for a final resignation on January 6, 2023 at the earliest.

    Taiveaho’s new beloved Varpukari is an experienced businessman with a strong sports background. The Tampere native, who is well-respected in the IT industry, has managed numerous million-dollar businesses during his career, and he also played floorball and tennis at a competitive level.

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    However, success has had its downside. Varpukari told Seuran in 2021 in the interview having struggled with alcoholism for a long time.

    Varpukari, who was in an influential position, was a moderate drinker for a long time, but eventually his alcohol use got out of hand.

    – Ever since I was a little boy, I was damn good at everything I did. If I tried hard enough, I could get through this too. I tried to muster all my willpower. When the morning came and the clock began to approach nine, my feet took me to Alko. I cried the whole way, Varpukari revealed to the magazine.

    Excessive consumption of alcohol cost Varpukar many potential jobs in different companies.

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    – I didn’t allow the previous night’s pranks to affect the next day’s work performance. I hated myself when I wasn’t in the best shape of a hangover. I struggled and tried, I used all my resources. As an addict, I tried to convince myself that alcohol had no effect on work output, but of course it did. I was never really at my best, Varpukari told Seura in an interview.

    of Finnish Entrepreneurs in the interview Varpukari described that he had turned from CEO and athlete into a “piss-in-your-pants human ruin”.

    Getting sober

    In addition to losing numerous jobs, Varpukari was eventually to lose his life as well. In 2019, at the end of his last remaining tube, he ended up in the hospital due to a ten-day psychosis.

    – I had to decide whether I wanted to live or not, Varpukari recalled in an interview with Seura.

    Today Varpukari spends his life completely sober. Wise up from his tough experiences, he decided to found a company called Selvä Elämä Oy, which offers help to drug addicts.