‘Saskia Noort, do you like a finger in your ass?’

André Hazes Jr. wonders whether Saskia Noort likes to involve her brown tunnel in intimate activities under the sheets. “I was wondering if that’s your thing.”


Be first cinewall André Hazes Jr. has had his stylists buy a stack of books with covers in fun colors – bill: 1,050 euros – but every now and then he actually opens a book. During the time that he was constantly staying in addiction clinics, he read through Saskia Noort’s entire oeuvre.


How many books? A lot, André revealed last summer in his club magazine Story. “I read twelve books by Saskia Noort there and discovered her fetish for a finger in the ass. Such a scene literally occurs in every book. Later I messaged her. To thank her for getting me through my rehabilitation.”

So many books, so many stories, but what André remembers most is that finger in the buttocks. He confronts Saskia with it during a double interview for LINDA. Why did he choose her books in those clinics? “Your name was stuck in my head and I like female writers more than male writers anyway.”

Finger in ass

Why is that? “For example, if there are sex scenes in it, I prefer it if a woman wrote them. So I ordered eight of your books and read them all. Very cool, I got lost in those stories. I also told about this in a weekly magazine and then I said that I had noticed something about your books.”

Then André presents her with his discovery: “I find it a bit uncomfortable to say that in front of you, but what I read in your sex scenes is that a finger often goes into an ass… Right? So I was wondering if that’s your thing.”

Saskia responds

Saskia responds quite seriously. “No. And that certainly doesn’t happen in every book. But I used that scene to demonstrate the dominance of the man; the thin line at which someone can cross your boundaries.”

She explains: “If you’re having sex and it’s fun and then suddenly someone does that to you, it’s difficult to say at that moment: ‘Hey, I don’t feel like this at all.’”