Sara Siipola’s gift to Pekka Haavisto is horrifying on social media: “You really didn’t do that?”

Sara Siipola gave Pekka Haavisto a gift the day before the presidential election.

In the new music competition came second Sara Siipola27, recalls an embarrassing situation with the former presidential candidate on social media Pekka Haaviston65, with.

Siipola met Haavisto and his spouse by Antonio Flores45, at UMK on Saturday, February 10, i.e. the day before the presidential election.

Sara Siipola remembers the evening at UMK, when she gave Pekka Haavisto a present. PASI LEISMA

Posted by the artist Tiktok-video in which he gives Haavisto a gift at the UMK evening. Siipola only realized afterwards what he had gone to do.

– If you ever feel bad, remember that the day before the election, I gave Pekka Haavisto a Paskana sleep mask with the accompanying words “tomorrow”. I was so in the UMK bubble that I didn’t realize at that moment that they are the next day, the singer writes on the video clip.

Siipola had made the sleep mask his UMK song Shit by. However, he could not guess when giving the gift that Haavisto would come second in the presidential election.

The singer’s video shows how Haavisto and Flores burst into laughter when Siipola says the gift is “for tomorrow”. After laughing, the couple take turns hugging the artist.

– Fortunately, they have such a sense of humor and are so down-to-earth, Siipola states in his writing.

Some of Siipola’s social media followers are horrified by the gift he gave. However, many consider the situation comical.

– Help.

– Well, at least it came in handy.

– It’s too comical, oh dear.

– You really didn’t do that, did you?

– I can’t stand it, how is that possible? What if they were offended by that or something?

– Great timing. Peka’s laugh.

– He laughed, however.

– These situations are the ones that come to mind when you try to start sleeping and even years later.

– And no! It was a bit funny, but they hardly misunderstood. You are lovely.

Pekka Haavisto received a Paskana sleep mask from Sara Siipola for election observers. Joel Maisalmi

Some also state in the comment field how Siipola and Haavisto, who came second, were the real winners. Siipola got a total of 273 points at UMK, and Windows95 man won the competition with his song No Rules with 313 points. Haavisto came second again To Alexander Stubbwho was elected as the new president of the Republic with 51.6 percent of the vote.

Siipola states in the text section of his Tiktok publication that he is not upset about the silver place thanks to Haavisto.

– If Haavisto is second, I’m also happy. You’re kidding what guys they are, I appreciate it. I love you, Pekka, the singer writes.