SAP share: Board member sees AI as an accelerator for change in the world of work

“Digital technologies will massively change jobs in many places and artificial intelligence is also a real accelerator for me,” said the board member of the software group of the German Press Agency.

AI can make an enormous contribution to productivity and be a support for people. AI has the potential to make things a lot easier. For example, extremely repetitive tasks could be taken over by an AI. “Our employees can then really focus on using what makes people so strong: creativity and the ability to evaluate the results from a different perspective and implement them accordingly.”

Bendiek does not see the danger that AI will completely eliminate many jobs. Jobs are changing and many new jobs are being created. “As a result, we see a shift in competencies and, of course, the need to equip our employees and customers with these competencies in the future.” In view of the shortage of skilled workers, especially in the digital sector, AI can also help to better cushion the constantly increasing demand for digital skills with the right mix of man and machine.

The main thing now is to further automate the business processes of SAP customers with AI and to increase the quality of decisions. SAP uses AI, for example, in human resources in the form of a chatbot. According to Bendiek, he accepted around 42,000 inquiries from employees last year and clarified them independently. It’s about classic questions from employees who are looking for information, such as benefits, vacation or the flexible working model from SAP.

In order to further develop the AI ​​applications within the company, SAP is also taking a close look at the popular AI text robot ChatGPT from the Californian start-up Open AI. “We believe that there is a lot of potential for us,” said Bendiek. SAP is also testing various use cases with the Heidelberg AI start-up Aleph Alpha. “We then evaluate how exciting that actually is, also for potential partnerships.”



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