Sanremo: Ibrahimovic surprise guest at Ariston

The former Swedish phenomenon returns to the Sanremo Festival after three years. And he does it with his usual style. As comfortable on stage as he is on the pitch

A surprise return. Not on the pitch (the discussion is closed there), but on the Ariston stage. Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to Sanremo: an unannounced raid, the guest you don’t expect. The last time (2021) he arrived on a motorbike hitchhiking, 60 daring kilometers, experienced all in one breath and then bewitched everyone with a touching monologue. And now here is Zlatan again, perfectly at ease with Amadeus exchanging barbs and jokes. Ibra enters, as always in his own way. Amadeus beats the orchestra (enough!) and the Swede clarifies “Enough, I’m the only one to say it”. Then the duet with Amadeus is fun. Zlatan suggests to Amadeus “I stopped at 42, how old are you?”. The host: “62…”. “Here, then listen to your body…”. Then the new dig: “Last year went well despite your messes.”

presidential ibra

Hence the discussion about where he should sit. Ibra eyes the box of honour. Amadeus slows down: “Only the President of the Republic sat there.” “And Ibra: “Why? How many goals did he score?”. Then Zlatan goes to sit in the front row, warning Amadeus: “If you can’t do it, ask for a change.” Smiles and hugs, accompanied by the ovation of the entire Ariston.