Sanremo Festival 2024: all the Big and young singers competing

Ffinally we are here. Amadeus he announced the 27 Big singers competing at Sanremo Festival 2024. To which are added the 3 winners of Sanremo Giovani. So 30 in total competing from 6 to 10 February. This year too the announcement came during the 1.30pm edition of TG1now the official megaphone of the Festival. Between names given for certain for months, surprises and unexpected returns, even the 74th edition of the event promises to be spectacular.

Amadeus and Fiorello, what a show on Tg1 to announce the three co-hosts of Sanremo 2024

Sanremo Festival 2024: the Big singers competing, cast

The surprise of this announcement it was the change of regulation, which increased the number of Bigs from 23 to 27.

So here it is a cast for all tastes: from the great returns of Loredana Bertè and Fiorella Mannoia to very young singers already established as Angelina Mango and Saint John. First time competing for famous artists like Alessandra Amoroso hey Negramaro while I Ricchi e Poveri will take the stage at the Ariston for the 13th timetwo more than Berté.

Among the many Bigs, too two that are sparking curiosity: La Sad and Il Tre. The first are a trio of very young Milanese, made up of Theø, Plant and Fiks, who they mix emo sounds with pop punk Blink 182 style. Il Tre, on the other hand, is an Italian rapper 25 year old from Rome with already two albums under his belt. Below is the complete list

Riches and Poors. (Getty Images)

The 27 Big names competing in Sanremo 2024

The flight

Dargen D’Amico


Fred De Palma

The Sad


The Three

Fiorella Mannoia



Saint John

Angelina Mango

Nek and Francesco Renga

Alessandra Amoroso




Rose Villain


Loredana Bertè

The Kolors

Big Mama



Mr Rain


Riches and Poors

The 27 Big names competing in Sanremo 2024. (Rai)

The 12 finalists of Sanremo Giovani

Selected by the Rai Music Commissionchaired by Amadeus, and composed by Federica Lentini, the maestro Leonardo De Amicis and the author Massimo Martelli, here are the young artists who will compete for 3 places in the final. Together with the 27 Big ones already announced. Here’s the list: bnkr44, ClaraGrenbaud, Jacopo Sol, Lor3n, French Saints, TancrediVale LP, Painted, Fellow, Nausica and Omini.

Amadeus’ words to TG1

Dressed in a tuxedo, despite the time, the host and artistic director first gave a juicy preview. That is, a short computerized video of the amazing and impressive scenography that Gaetano Castelli and his daughter Claudia, who has been alongside her father for 5 years, will create for the 2024 edition.

After the announcement of the Big 27, Amadeus told Paola Mari of TG1 about the artists he chose «They are my super guests in the raceI like to think of them that way. I can’t wait for February 6th what to make the public listen to these beautiful songs. AND I thank TG1which has always been a fundamental partner for Sanremo”