Sanremo 2024: the ranking of the 5 top artists of the first evening

Si just concluded prime time of Sanremo 2024 and we already have the first top 5 of the Big 30 competing this year. Voted only by the press room – tomorrow it will be the turn of Televoting and the Radio Jury -, Loredana Berté, Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Diodato and Mahmood ranked in the top 5 places. If the first three were largely predictable, surprisingly Diodato and Mahmood they won more votes than the very favorites The Kolors and Geolier.

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Sanremo 2024, here is the top 5 ranking after the first evening

1 – Loredana Berté, Crazy

At her 14th participation in Sanremo, Loredana returns to the competition as one of the big favorites for the final victory. Winning the vote of the press room with a rock song which the artist interprets with determination and class. AND the roar of the Ariston at the end of the performance confirms the quality of the piece and its performance.

2 – Angelina Mango, Boredom

Daughter of the late Pino and the singer Laura Valente, the winner of Friends from last year you eat up the Ariston stage with one almost animalistic performance. Her song, written together with Dardust and Madame, is overwhelming at the right point and can also point to the final victory.

3 – Annalisa, Simply

After the triumphs of Beautiful And My love, Annalisa confirms herself as one of the most loved artists of the last year. With Simplythe singer from Savona it doesn’t deviate much from radio pop rhythms which made his 2023 unforgettable. And that’s enough to conquer provisional third place.

4 – Diodato, You move

Winner in 2020 with Make noiseDiodato perhaps doesn’t have a song as powerful as the previous one but that’s enough to earn him excellent votes from the press room. Classic and wide-ranging piecethe singer embellished his performance with an evocative choreography.

5 – Mahmood, Gold suit

Winner already twice in SanremoMahmood took provisional fifth place with an up-tempo song and a vocally perfect performance. He will succeed win for the third time in just five years? Difficult but with a song like this anything is possible.