Sanremo 2024, second evening: who sings tonight, the lineup

Prhyme of all the data: the debut of festival did 10.6 million listeners with a 65.1% share. First evening of Sanremo 2024 therefore won by an incredible and “undeserved” margin, he says Alberto Biancheri, the mayor of the city. Even for the segment of the young public – many children – who follows the race with passion and great social work of posts and comments. The peak audience was between Annalisa and the intervention of Daniela Di Maggio (16.5 million), that of share on the performance of Big Mama (70.3).

Sanremo 2024, Fiorella Mannoia: «

After Marco Mengoniarrives in the second evening Georgie as co-host and guest. «I feel a certain responsibility – says the singer, who competed last year – because my story began here (in 1994 with And then – who will sing for the 40th anniversary). Let’s hope we don’t lower this sensational audienceotherwise it’s only my fault.”

Performance anxiety? «I even have it when I go shopping, imagine now. I’m panic-stricken, but I’m also curious.”

The second evening of Sanremo 2024: who sings tonight

There are 15 singers competing this evening, drawn at a press conference in combination with the singers who are resting for a shift, but involved as presenters of their colleagues. The exit of these 15 “valets” will be accompanied by the notes of their song. The start of the second evening is scheduled for 8.40pm; the end for 1.30-45.

Giorgia and Amadeus, presenters of the second evening of Sanremo 2024. (Getty Images)

The singers’ lineup, release order February 7th

Fred de Palma presented by Ghali

RengaNek presented by La Sad

Alpha presented by Mr. Rain

Dargen D’Amico presented by Diodato

The flight presented by Rose Villain

Gazelles presented by Bnk44

Emma presented by French Saints

Mahmood presented by Alessandra Amoroso

Big Mama presented by Il Tre

The Kolors presented by Angelina Mango

Geolier presented by Fiorella Mannoia

Loredana Bertè presented by Sangiovanni

Annalisa presented by Maninni

Irama presented by the Rich and the Poor

Clara presented by Negramaro

Who votes tonight

Tonight February 7th the Radio Jury will vote – new this year, not without controversy given the close link between the medium and music – and Televotingwith preference expressed via singer code.

Giogiò Cutolo's mother moves Sanremo: «Tonight live through music»

Giogiò Cutolo's mother moves Sanremo: «Tonight live through music»

The guests on Wednesday evening

They arrive Giovanni Allevi, in his first appearance after the announcement of the illness and the cure. Then John Travolta – at the second festival after the one in 2006: but what will he do? Fiorello took care of this, «but I have no idea what», Amadeus specified. Another guest is Leo Gassmanwhich will present the TV film Califanobiopic on Franco, broadcast on Rai 1 on 11 February.

The writer will also be there Matteo Bussola together with the cast of Sea Outside for a moment dedicated to gender violence. Rosa Chemical is expected from the stage in Piazza Colombo, while the star from the one on Costa Smeralda is Bob Sinclair.

For the 70th anniversary of My Romagna – legendary song by Raoul Casadei – arrives at the Ariston New Santa Balera Orchestra. An anniversary that is also an embrace of the area devastated by the flood that occurred between May and June 2023.