Sanremo 2024 beauty look opening: Clara, Annalisa, BigMama

FGone are the days of extensions, pastel hair, hair and makeup changes at every commercial break: the2024 edition of Sanremo seems to present itself as a stage of discreet beauty. Quiet beauty look, as social media would say, where a simpler, cleaner but still sophisticated aesthetic has been popular for months, indeed, refined precisely in its simplicity. And the protagonists of the first evening of the event confirm this.

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Sanremo, beauty is lined up

Behind the scenes at Ariston there is beauty buzz. Starting from the basis of every make-up, skin care: it takes care of it Veralab, a brand founded by Cristina Fogazzi alias Estetista Cinica, skincare partner of the 74th edition of the Festival. An imposing symbol of the show within the show that is beauty, a 25 meter high branded pink ferris wheel, open to the public, as desired by the “Between Palco and City” project launched in 2020 by Rai Pubblicità to enhance the Sanremo area.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty relaunches by announcing the make up collaboration with Annalisaconfirmed for the third year as Italian Local Muse. Clinique and Bumble and Bumble they will take care of the beauty look of Angelina Mangowith makeup artist Chantal Ciaffardini and hairstylist Angelo Rosauliana.

The beauty looks of Sanremo 2024: Clara, Annalisa, Alessandra Amoroso at the first evening (Getty Images)

You deserve to Sephorainstead, for the beauty looks at Sanremo 2024 by Emmacompeting with the song “Apnea” e BigMama, one of the stars of the new Italian rap scene, activist on issues dear to the cosmetics big such as the rights of the LGBTQI+ community, body positivity and the fight against discrimination. Magic brush at work? That of the make up artist Daniele Lorussoaka MrDanielMakeup.

There is also behind the scenes the hair designer Salvo Filetti with the hairstylist team Beauty Company: the make of the various looks can be followed in real time on the social networks @compagniadellabellezza and @salvofiletti_hairdesigner.

Annalisa, Clara, Amoroso, Emma: discreet beauties

It opens the dance of the edition Clara Soccini, winner of Sanremo Giovani 2023 and star of “Mare Fuori”. On her model face the so-called “less is more” applies: a hint of black eyeliner and rosy cheeks illuminate her. The hairstyle, curated by Salvo Filetti, is the first sign of the minimal beauty trend: smooth but sculpted, shiny and full-bodied, which seems natural, effortless, despite being highly crafted. The parting in the center is de rigueur, as “her” Gen Z likes.

Also Annalisa she appears super chic with little: the focus of the look is her long, silky-smooth hair, with a perfect, straight and “luxury” fringe. A thin eyeliner and away you go. The local YSL Beauty ambassador does not play rock, on the contrary, she focuses on simple and very luxurious elements, such as matte lipstick (it is YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture n.12) which recalls the reflections of the hair.

With casual wavy hair in rumpled beach waves and nude makeup she also aligns with the trend Alessandra Amoroso, another eagerly awaited guest of the evening. The makeup is a sophisticated nude, made of creamy pink blush, gold liquid eyeshadow and slightly overlined lips in an intense neutral that enhances her.

Ladylike, not least, Fiorella Mannoiawhich plays with the red color palette of her hair, even on her lips and on the tips of her nails.

Berté, Angelina Mango and Big Mama, the ones who stand out

One above all – read Loredana Bertè – he “broke” the mood, with his blue hair. But to her, as we know, everything is allowed. Out of the box too Agelina Mangowhich with a twist of the tail crossed by rock braids brings a bit of more flamboyant glam and Big Mamaretro punk with hair styled in a wet look with vintage quiff and elongated eyes of sharp, rebellious eyeliner.

Big Mama’s beauty look (Getty Images)

Contemporary grunge men

Like the hedgehog, like the gel: the beauty lessons from Sanremo 2024 they are also valid for men, given the large number of artists competing. And the first co-star on stage together with Amadeus, Marco Mengoni. For him, simply perfect grooming, with a thick beard and moustache, trimmed to a few but dense millimetres. You can’t improvise as a sex symbol.

Then there’s the short curly bowl cut of Saint Johnwith modeled curls and flattened volume on the forehead, and the masculine neo-grunge styling that also proves cool with Irama, with blond curls modeled in a volumeless wet look.

A bolder touch with Lazza’s razor cut, two-tone (but still bleached blonde) with a shaved side parting. Highly lacquered and glittered Stash by The Kolors, in style Elvis, and Mahmood, in a new Fifties look. Will this be another possible men’s beauty trend for the next few evenings, without Mengoni to reiterate the scene for everyone?