Sanna Marin hosted a private party on the evening of Stubb’s inauguration – Dressed in a small top

Ex-prime minister Sanna Marin organized the launch party of her company with her business partner on Friday.

Sanna Marin organized a private party in Helsinki on the evening of Stubb’s inauguration. PDO

On Friday, the president was celebrated by Alexander Stubb inauguration ceremony. Along with many guests, the ex-prime minister arrived Sanna Marin, who sat in parliament separately from other ex-prime ministers. The reason for the seating arrangement was that Marin had changed her mind at the last minute and decided a couple of days before the inauguration to participate in the event.

Stylishly dressed in a black outfit, merit badge and Kalevala’s Vetovoima earrings, Marin asked someone present to take a picture of herself on the spot. After the inauguration of the president, Marini’s evening continued with other celebrations.

Based on Instagram, Sanna Marin and her former special assistant and current business partner Tuulia Pitkänen held the Launch of their company MA/PI Oy at the Madonna restaurant in Helsinki. At the party, Marin’s outfit changed to a dark blue suit. A small crop top was visible under the open jacket.

Based on social media, there were many well-known Finns at the private party on site, such as the journalist Ina Mikkolaa fashion designer Katri Niskanenan actor Minka Kuustonen and a dance teacher known from TTK Marko Keränen.

– A wonderful evening, good food, live music and wonderful guys. Cheers! Katri Niskanen writes in Instagram stories.

– Huge congratulations dear Sanna Marin and lovely Tuulia Pitkänen. Give it a try, you can do anything, Minka Kuustonen enthuses in the post she adds to her Instagram stories.

– Good luck with everything new, Marko Keränen writes next to the joint photo he added to his Instagram stories. In the picture he is with Sanna Marin.

Performed at private parties based on updates during the evening Elias Kaskinen. The persons mentioned above belong to Marin’s wide circle of acquaintances and friends.

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Iltalehti reached one of the people present, Ina Mikkonen, who refused to comment on the party.

Sanna Marin participated in the inauguration of the president in the parliament. PDO

The joint venture, whose CEO is Pitkänen, was added to the trade register in July 2023. According to the industry description, MA/PI Oy focuses on publishing and speaking activities. Consulting and all other legal activities are also mentioned.

Pitkänen was named Marin’s special political assistant and secretary of the SDP’s government group in June 2022. Before this, he worked in the parliament as a special assistant and political assistant of the social democratic group, among other things. Marini and Pitkäsen have a common political background.

Last September, Marin left the position of parliament and member of parliament. At the same time, it was reported that Marin has been appointed as a strategic advisor to the Tony Blair Institute. Today, Marin is also on the lists of the Range Media Partners management agency.

Sanna Marin posed for the cameras on the red carpet of the Emma gala. Julia Valtanen