Sandra Schuurhof thinks Jaimie Vaes goes too far: ‘Don’t do this!’

Sandra Schuurhof thinks that Jaimie Vaes is overreacting by revealing that her son Lío (3) may have a form of autism. “Please leave your son out of it.”

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Jaimie Vaes, the ex-girlfriend of Jorik Scholten (Lil Kleine), has given an hour and a half interview to Robbert Rodenburg. The reality star is trying to counterbalance the negative coverage that has been received about her lately. However, she also tells things that have nothing to do with her breakup.

Lio autistic?

At one point, Jaimie mentions their three-year-old son Lío. “Lío has shown quite a lot of signs of a form of autism from a young age and no one really knows that, so the concerns I already have about him as a mother are already quite high,” she says.

She continues: “Not because I mind, eh, that he has a form of autism, you just want the very best for your child and you want life to just smile at him and not make it difficult for him. As a mother, I am already very concerned about his well-being.”

Sandra critical

Presenter Dyantha Brooks, who is good friends with Robbert, states in Shownieuws that Jaimie does not respond well to the rumors that have already been circulating. “There have been rumors for a long time.”

Story boss Guido den Aantractor then: “Those rumors are known. We never reported it.”

Colleague Sandra Schuurhof does not think it is an excuse. “For example, they were not known to me, so I think for most people who are watching now, they are not known either. Maybe in Amsterdam, but otherwise not. I then think: it is also your child’s privacy.”

“Keep him out!”

Sandra believes that you should not throw medical information about your children on the street at all. “A comment like that will always exist and you will always look at someone with that in mind, perhaps. Then I think: yes, please let your son get away… He has already experienced enough of the misery between the parents.”

Natacha Harlequin: “I have to tell you honestly, Sandra: I agree. As we sit here at the table, I think: am I going to talk about a 3-year-old boy here at the table as an adult woman of 49? The little boy didn’t ask for anything, I don’t know that whole kid. (…) It’s just medical information and that’s just private.”

VVD show connoisseur Frits Huffnagel finds it inconvenient. “Why another interview with this kind of information? I don’t think that helps.”

‘Does not help’

RTL Boulevard star Luuk Ikink agrees. He says in his own show column: “When I see this again, I also think: maybe she shouldn’t have done the interview and just waited for the trial and left it there.”

TV connoisseur Rob Goossens: “I was shocked when I heard this. Of course because I feel very sorry for Lío, but also that she shares it, because this is something like that again. Anyone who will have to deal with Lío in the future has already seen this, so you are still using your son to make a story.”

He concludes: “Why the hell tell the whole world that the poor boy apparently, despite being 3, still doesn’t talk and shows signs of autism?”