Prince Harry’s book is a worldwide bestseller

Harry’s book of revelations has been the best-selling book of January in many countries.

Prince Harry’s book interests me. PDO

Prince Harry’s autobiographical exposé Spare released worldwide on January 10.

In the book, Harry, who has broken away from the British court, talks openly about both the monarchy and his relatives, and in that page he makes revelations about his love life, his drug use, and his army career – among other things.

The book was awaited like the rising moon, after all, a foretaste of Harry’s opening had already been received from December’s Netflix documentary series. On the other hand, there were plenty of book revelations even before the embargo, when Spare was prematurely leaked to the public in Spain.

Many bookstores opened their doors early in the morning on the day of the release, but no big crowd was seen. In some stores, Spare was sold even at half price in the evening. Leaks of the Spanish version were believed to be part of the reason for the book’s poor success.

In the initial confusion, they even asked if Harry’s book was a flop after all.

But it wasn’t.


Publishing company Otava says in its press release that Spare has become a global literary phenomenon.

In January, it was the best-selling book in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The book has sold 1.8 million copies in the United States and almost a million copies in Great Britain.

Otava published the book as the Finnish version Deputy January 19th.

It was also the best-selling nonfiction book in Finland in January.

The family falls silent

The British people raved about the book when it was fresh on Twitter.

– I am totally fed up with the news about Prince Harry and his quarrels with his family. Stop being a drama queen and focus on your family. Personal problems are your own.

– Harry doesn’t share petty quarrels with his family in public only in Britain, but wants to spread them to the whole world. To the whole world! The antics of this fool are incomprehensible, among other things were commented on social media.

The royal family has refrained from commenting on the book.

In his book, Harry reveals how he feels he has been overshadowed by his brother, Prince William. PDO

Especially the queen consort Camilla gets to scream in it, because Harry says that Camilla cheated and leaked inside information to the media in order to raise her own position and get married to the future king.

It remains to be seen how the book will affect the already inflamed relations of the royal family in the future.

Harry himself has stated on several occasions that he hopes for an apology and a discussion.

King Charles’s the coronation will take place in May and it is unclear whether Harry is welcome to the festivities.

According to British sources, it would be good to have the discussions and bury the hatchets before the anniversary, so that they do not take away attention from the main issue itself.

The talks between King Charles and Harry have yet to take place. PDO

Watch the video for an excerpt from Prince Harry’s rave interview, which was published just before the book.