Sanchez goals and assists: he can be Inter’s extra weapon

The Chilean striker has contributed to the Nerazzurri’s goals in three consecutive Serie A matches: he had only been an appearance in the league, Inzaghi hopes to have him at the top until the end of the season


March 8 – 7.21am – MILAN

Inter’s performance in 2024 is impressive in anyone’s eyes, from the 12 consecutive victories in the new year to the clean sheets and the constant goals. Simone Inzaghi’s team did not stumble upon any missteps despite some patchy absences, including that of Marcus Thuram in the department which is probably the least covered and with the greatest gap between starters and second lines. In part the Serie A leaders have filled the gap with the contribution of the other departments, in part they have finally beaten the alternatives in the squad. Marko Arnautovic scored the very important first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Atlético Madrid, while Alexis Sanchez contributed to the last three victories in the championship.


Lecce, Atalanta and Genoa: these are, in sequence, the teams that have somehow benefited from a flash from the Chilean in the last 15 days. Whether it’s an assist or a goal, the Niño Maravilla he took part in all three of the last Serie A matchdays – two as a starter – and made an impact on every occasion. This is a clear sign of a break with the recent past, because until mid-February he had made a silent decline in the league, scoring two goals in the Champions League against Salzburg and Benfica. And instead? The extra space available has reinvigorated Alexis already since the away match in Puglia in which he provided the assist for the momentary second goal to Davide Frattesi, then repeated it in midweek against the Goddess by brushing off the final poker free-kick again in favor of the former Sassuolo player. Finally, on Monday against Genoa, he doubled his contribution: first assist for Kristjan Asllani, then converted penalty.

ace up your sleeve

Obviously it cannot be denied that Inzaghi is logically relieved to be able to field Thuram again alongside Lautaro Martinez, but at the same time Sanchez’s “Thuram-like” performance can only reassure him with a view to a reasoned turnover in the championship or a European defenses-lock-in move with the game in progress. Certainly the Chilean was among the least convincing players in all of Inter in the few opportunities he had this season, but having him at the top in the last three months of this 2023-2024 season is a bonus not to be underestimated. The quality of Niño Maravilla are certainly not in question, perhaps consistency is, as is physical and athletic fitness in the medium term: Alexis suddenly turned on, he may have done it at the ideal moment.