San Siro, another referral to the TAR. The State Attorney’s Office opposes the appeal

The Municipality’s appeal was bounced between the sections of the Administrative Tribunal. Waiting for a new date

Another episode of the soap opera linked to the new San Siro. After the restriction placed by the Superintendency and the appeal to the TAR presented by the mayor of Milan Sala, the hearing before the TAR was officially postponed today. Reason? The section of the Regional Administrative Court that had been designated believes that the appeal falls under the jurisdiction of another section. So it will be up to the president of the TAR to decide and he will be the one to schedule a new hearing soon. When? Probably already at the beginning of December. The State Attorney’s Office opposed the appeal presented by the mayor of Milan, raising an objection of inadmissibility.

at the window

The two clubs in this matter are spectators and are carrying out their respective projects to build two new facilities outside the Municipality of Milan. Palazzo Marino, on the other hand, does not want to lose the possibility of having a new stadium, next to the current Meazza, even at the cost of demolishing the one that could host the Champions League final in 2026 or 2027 after the candidacy presented to UEFA through the FIGC.