Samsunspor Coach Gisdol spoke assertively! The match will not be easy for Fenerbahçe

Markus Gisdol, the coach of Yılport Samsunspor, one of the Trendyol Super League teams, made a statement before their away match against Fenerbahçe on Sunday, January 21.

Gisdol stated at the press conference held at Nuri Asan Facilities that they were “looking forward” to the Fenerbahçe match.

Pointing out that Fenerbahçe showed a great performance and was at the top of the league, Gisdol said, “We know that it is difficult to play against them. We have to play very smartly and intelligently in this match. Of course it will be difficult. It will be a very interesting match. Frankly, due to our performance, our opponents “It makes us happy that he is afraid of us.” said.

Drawing attention to the football played by Fenerbahçe, the German coach said, “It will be a difficult match for us. It was difficult for Samsunspor to reach this point. What we need to do is to go into the match giving 100 percent, the same as we have done so far. The match is easy for them, too.” I don’t think it will pass.” he said.

Gisdol noted that President Yüksel Yıldırım and the management have made the necessary studies regarding the transfer.

Speaking about the traffic accident that the Samsunspor team experienced 35 years ago, Gisdol said, “Of course, it is a difficult situation. Unfortunately, it is an event in the history of the club. We will remember the players we lost tomorrow. Also, they will be in our hearts during the Fenerbahçe match.” He made a statement.