Merchant Sampo Kaulanen traveled to Costa Rica to meet a local healer.

    Sampo Kaulanen visited the healer. Inka Soveri

    Entrepreneur and trader Sampo Kaulanen said on his Instagram that he traveled to Costa Rica to meet a local healer. On previous occasions, at the same place, the man received help to stop using both alcohol and snuff.

    Kaulanen says that the ayahuascha method in question worked excellently for him. However, he does not recommend it to others, as the treatments involve risks.

    – And especially in Finland, the discussion culture around the topic is really tight.

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    After the treatments, Kaulanen added a post to his Instagram account where he shared his experiences of the harsh treatments.

    – Cleansing is really hard work. Vomiting has burned his throat, diarrhea has caused a headache, and little energy and sleep have put his body to the test, he writes.

    He says that he fainted twice during the purification ritual and received bruises on his back from a thorn whip.

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    – The power of healer Taita Juanito is incomprehensible. The whole sky was ablaze with lightning and the sound of thunder was incredible when Taita pulled the ceremony.

    In the end, Kaulanen says that he was healed and understood the purpose of the whole trip.

    – Pretty much impossible to explain… Miracles just happen.

    Sampo Kaulanen has received help from alternative treatments in the past.