Sampdoria, Borini: “I’m the first to arrive on the pitch. I no longer cheer as a pirate because…”

The new Sampdoria striker spoke about himself on the field and in private.

Not only the first words to the official channel of Sampdoria, Fabio Borini also gave a nice interview to The 19th century where he also focused on various personal aspects. Field but also private life.

“Am I the first to ever enter the field? For twenty years. It’s a habit mine, I like to arrive early, prepare myself well, do all the things needed for training. They don’t pay me to stay in the room anyway. I arrive and maybe even chat a little with those who are already there. Now, since I’m new, it’s also a way to speed up the relationships and acquaintances I have to make within the club. Then you’ll see me arrive sooner anyway… but maybe chat a little less. And work a little more,” Borini said.