Fortunately, there were no personal injuries.

    Presenter Sami Kuronen was involved in a traffic accident a little over a week ago. Kuronen tells about it on his Instagram account.

    Sami Kuronen told about the accident on his Instagram account. ATTE KAJOVA

    – About a week ago I was involved in a crash. I was at the traffic lights when Bemarikuski hit from behind at 40-50 km/h, Kuronen writes in his update.

    If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here.

    Kuronen and no one else was injured in the accident, but his car has to be repossessed.

    – I don’t know if I’m completely dark, but every time my car is replaced, I get a wistful feeling. The pain of giving up, sadness and longing. Am I the only one? Do you miss your ex in the car world? Kuronen asks.

    Kuronen’s questions have been answered by a lot of his followers in the comments of the publication. Many managed to tell their own experiences in traffic.

    Many also admitted that they miss their old spending games.

    – Luckily it wasn’t worse! I still remember one car longingly years later, I was just happy to get rid of the others. That one car saved my life, the old 85vm Mersu, writes one of Kuronen’s followers.