As a talk show host, Renze Klamer thinks that Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has gone too far with his behavior at De Wereld Draait Door. “It was a nice cake, but with a super nasty ingredient.”

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    Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is under heavy fire because of the revelations of de Volkskrant about his misconduct on the editorial floor of DWDD. Older TV men such as Jan Slagter, Jort Kelder and John van den Heuvel counter that Matthijs has made really good TV, but according to Renze Klamer you can do that without misbehaving.

    Absolute limit

    You can also talk to editors normally, says Renze. “If you provide me with a draft for a conversation that I really can’t do anything with, then I think I can say so. I seriously think I’m one of the friendliest, but I think you can go too far when it comes to work.”

    According to the presenter, it must always be substantive. “If I say: ‘Hugo, you really aren’t worth anything’, then you have really crossed a big line for me, because then you are going to humiliate or make someone small yourself. I think that is an absolute limit.”

    Super filthy

    In retrospect, Matthijs turns out to be a super dirty ingredient in a delicious cake, says Renze. “The quality of the program at the front was unquestioned, but to me it’s a bit like it was a cake that you really liked, but now you know there’s an ingredient in it that’s actually super gross. Of course that is contaminated.”

    What does Renze think of people like Jan Slagter who immediately point to the quality of DWDD? “I think that you say that in advance: it never condones this kind of behavior. No matter how great your success is. Even if you had 6 million viewers. That still doesn’t excuse the fact that you’re razing someone to the ground.”


    Incidentally, Renze did not say a word about the producer of his own talk show (and of Beau, Jinek and Humberto): Ewart van der Horst. In the early days he worked as editor-in-chief of DWDD and also appears in the Volkskrant article.

    For example, a former editor says in the newspaper: “People were mainly afraid of Ewart at the time. He raged and raged over the editors. “Shit subject,” he would yell, kicking over a trash can. Colleagues cringed when he came by.”